The Firm


Founded in 2015, LT Lawyers is an independent firm of solicitors who are committed to Hong Kong, seasoned with international experience, effective in English as well as Mandarin and Cantonese, and dedicated to providing specialised legal services across the contentious, non-contentious and investigation disciplines.

The firm has a special expertise in cross-border commercial dispute resolution, particularly those with a PRC dimension, including disputes arising from the boardroom, international trade, Sino-foreign JV, VAM agreement, fund investment project, asset management, financial transaction, merger & acquisition, and breaches of banking secrecy and trust.

We also have substantial experience in:

  • leading investigation of listed companies in common law jurisdictions that are involved in suspected financial-reporting or other corporate misfeasance;
  • Hong Kong regulatory compliance issues and proceedings;
  • white-collar crime; and
  • construction disputes.

Thus far, we are the only Hong Kong law firm with a registered foreign lawyer who has been admitted to practise law in Taiwan.

Without affecting our conflict-free agility and autonomy, we join forces and share resources with the following firms:

  • CFN Lawyers (specialised in capital market and other commercial transaction projects), which co-founded Amalgam Group Practice with us in 2021
  • Zhong Yin Law Firm (a leading, full-service law firm operating in mainland China), which entered into a non-merger, bilateral collaboration with us in 2015
  • Beijing Lanpeng (Jinan) Law Firm (operating in Shandong Province, China), which entered into a non-merger, bilateral collaboration with us on 11 March 2024

Our capability, coupled with the foregoing developments, have firmly positioned us to provide a broad spectrum of cross-disciplinary legal services to our clients in a one-stop shop with a refined cost-performance ratio, while maintaining the same administrative acumen and usually-conflict-free agility as before.