News | Joint session with Zhong Yin (Shenzhen) Law Firm, Shenzhen

On 1 November 2023, our Mr KM Liew, alongside Ms Yeti Ho qua member partner of our Amalgam Group Practice and our Mr Jet Wang, held a joint workshop with Dr Tan Yueqi, the partner in charge of Zhong Yin (Shenzhen) Law Firm, for about 30 Zhong Yin Shenzhen lawyers. The workshop was primarily about the common law use of technical and legal experts in commercial dispute resolution.

At the seminar session, Mr Liew elaborated on how a common law expert is different from his/her PRC counterpart in terms of the applicable scenarios, entrance threshold and code of conduct of expert in the context of civil proceedings and regulatory investigation, whereas Mr Wang gave an induction to the PRC “judicial authenticator” and “expert assistant” and also the methodologies for expert engagement in Hong Kong civil proceedings and expert impunity. Mr Liew then shared practical insight into the selection criteria as well as the dos and don’ts of experts with case studies, including exemplary cases we did.

The seminar was followed by a roundtable in which our speakers, together with Dr Tan and other Zhong Yin Shenzhen lawyers in attendance, participated. Dr Tan shared his recent experience acting as PRC law expert in a Hong Kong litigation and exchanged views with Mr Liew on various PRC-HK legal issues. Mr Liew also spoke about expert related challenges and solutions and, together with Mr Wang, our successful experience in the use of experts for both anti-fraud litigation and listco-related embezzlement investigation.

The workshop ended with our Ms Ho giving a high-level touch to the relevant Hong Kong corporate practice.

1 November 2023